We are an early stage, implantable digital health company improving patient care through continuous remote monitoring.

The oncodisc connection

Implanted Intelligence


The Oncodisc device is a connected implantable vascular access device embedded with advanced sensor and communication technology. In addition to facilitating delivery of pharmaceutical therapy, the device continuously monitors patient physiology for early detection of illness or treatment-related complications.

Smartphone-Enabled Home Monitoring

Through secure Bluetooth communication, patient health data is transferred from the Oncodisc implant to a smartphone application. This app pushes encrypted data to the cloud database and also allows patient symptom reporting directly to physician networks.

Database Analytics


Sensor data are continuously analyzed and integrated with diagnostic information and patient reported outcomes. Artificial intelligence enabled predictive algorithms alert physicians, patients, and care-givers to conditions that require attention and intervention. Through early detection, we aim to  reduce complications,  prevent hospitalizations, and improve life.

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